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EV Biologics


An Elevated Sense of Purpose
A Singular Focus on Health Technology

Motivated by the desire to improve health and longevity, our scientists, physicians and executive leadership have boldly ventured to advance the science and medicine of extracellular vesicles. EV Biologics is working to bring exosome diagnostic and therapeutic technology into future clinical practice.


Dedicated to Health and Longevity

I studied medicine in Houston and had the privilege of being mentored by several of the leading cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeons at the time, while working in the medical center as a surgical assistant. In the early 80’s, I left medicine and became an entrepreneur, moving back to my childhood home of Hong Kong. I was a pioneer in the exhibitions business in Asia and founded numerous other profitable businesses in various industries. During this time, I continued reading medical journals and keeping up with the latest scientific discoveries. By the late 90’s, I realized that the future of medicine would most likely lie in DNA therapy and stem cells.

On July 2, 2017, I received a call from my wife: my youngest daughter Annalise, only ten years old, had been diagnosed with a fatal heart disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension “IPAH”. I immediately started researching her condition and discovered the grim fact that children her age usually only live 6-12 months after diagnosis. I got her into the best IPAH hospital in the world practicing conventional medicine. During the ensuing months, I urgently searched for any unconventional therapy, such as stem cells, or anything that might extend her life. I was unsuccessful, and Annalise died on February 20, 2018.

Having seen the early preclinical studies on exosomes, I sincerely believe that if she had been able to get treatment with exosomes, she would be alive today. 

I dedicate this Company as a legacy to my daughter and as a personal crusade to develop life-saving biologic treatments and revolutionize modern medicine to save countless lives like Annalise. 

Daniel Mckinney 
Founder and CEO



From Molecular Biologists to Blockchain Business People